Monday, April 13, 2009

Monster Trucks and Jack's Mannequin

The last couple of weeks Idaho has actually had some events that were actually worth going to.

Monster Trucks - April 4th @ Holt Area in Pocatello

Ryan, Ashley, Nick, Ben, Aisha and I all went and had a great time...

The trucks were cool to watch in between the hours of Pocatello motocross races (there were thousands of them). All in all, the trip was really fun minus the $7 nachos and $3 drinks. 

Opening Flag Ceremony and Aisha in her hearing protectors

Short clip of the Monster Truck freestyle competition

Turn your volume down....


...and a week later Jack's Mannequin played @ the Civic in Idaho falls

As far as Idaho Falls concerts go this one was pretty amazing. All the bands played well and the sound was great. The Civic microphones usually are pretty horrible - think of a voice speaking through a tin can. 

The other bands that played were Low vs Diamond and Thriving Ivory. Both of which played very well and sounded great. Although they were entertaining, neither of them could top the greatness that is Jack's Mannequin. JM played in their usual hyper and energentic way that just cannot be ignored. The crowd was loud and lost their minds after every song. Andrew McMahon, JM's lead singer/pianist, was his very upbeat - kind self and threw in a song from his previous band (Something Corporate),which was a very nice gesture to long time fans of his music such as myself. 

I'll leave some pictures (pretty low quality since they were taken with my phone) and links to each of the band's myspace pages so you can hear what they all sound like.

Until next time...

(Always have to buy a shirt haha)


  1. Hi Tyson,

    I enjoyed reading your new post--thanks for the sound warning. That was a neat idea to provide links to the bands that played at the concert.

    Thanks for the happy birthday wish on the family blog--you are next!!!

  2. Ahhh... I sure wish I could have enjoyed the greatness of Jack's Mannequin as well! The monster truck place looked KICK ASS! Woot for trucks!

  3. Happy Birthday Tyson. Sure love ya, Aunt Sandy